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Ai-chan's Newsflash: Version Events Preview
Jun 23, 2022

Today Ai-chan will bring to you the info of battlesuit event The Journey of Painting Stars and Story Chapter XXX: Marcia Funebre! Read on to learn more!




※※※※※ Battlesuit Event: The Journey of Painting Stars ※※※※※
A long long time ago, the horrible great serpent devoured the stars and the moon. Evening forever disappeared.
To retrieve the evening colors, a painter embarked on a journey with partners to seek the scroll painting left by the legendary depicter...




◆ Event Rewards ◆
Clear story stages and complete missions on The Journey of Painting Stars panel to obtain Pigments, which can be used to exchange for Luna Kindred's outfit Before the Dawn, Starry Impression Fragments, Crystals, Material Option Type-A, AE Imaginon and more in the event shop Starlight Treasury.

◆ Event Rules ◆
[Recruit partners to form a team]
Griseo will meet many partners who are willing to join her throughout the journey. These partners will come out boldly to fight against enemies when Griseo is in danger. The Journey of Painting Stars has unique card features that allow you to drag the avatars of partners in the team interface to determine the lineup for battle. Up to five lineups can be saved, and you can quickly select the saved lineup for battle.

In event stages, you can complete battles of the story to obtain new partners. Besides, you can also recruit partners in the shop. However, since you need to clear certain chapters to unlock shop items, you are advised to clear story stages first for expanding the team.



[Determine placement to defeat enemies]
Before the battle begins, you can select the lineup and change the position sequence on the prep screen. On the top right of the lineup interface, you can view the combat placements of team numbers. Meanwhile, there is a maximum cost limit in battle, so please make both ends meet. As more chapters are cleared, you can obtain the items that increase the team's maximum cost limit and hence come up with more combinations!

Battles automatically go on, please select Auto or Manual on the bottom right. In Auto mode, you will automatically cast Ultimate after SP bar is full; in Manual mode, you need to manually cast Ultimate. Do remember to cast skills in time so that all enemies can be defeated!



[Collect materials for growth]
Partners have their own skills. You can check out their stats and skill descriptions in Album. The skills include Basic ATK, Combo ATK, Passive Skill and Ultimate, etc. You need to automatically or manually cast Ultimate in battles, but all other skills will be automatically cast in default.

Griseo can obtain Palettes and Astral Keys during the journey. Griseo can use Palettes to exchange for items in the shop, or use Astral Keys that enhance partners through color power. Once leveled up, partners will become more powerful. A duplicate partner will be auto-converted to Battlesuit Fragments. When level limit is reached, you can use Battlesuit Fragments to star up partners and let them gain new skills.

Besides, Griseo can use special items to let partners gain more new skills that make the team more effective in battle. In each chapter, Griseo may encounter a Boss who can only be defeated by a lineup containing suitable partners. After the Boss battle, you may obtain Palettes based on DMG dealt to the Boss. You can repeatedly challenge the Boss, but there is a daily limit for obtaining Palettes. Once you are strong enough, you can challenge more powerful enemies by going to Deep in Dreamland.




※※※※※ Story Chapter XXX: Marcia Funebre ※※※※※
"It's incredible. This thing you want to do really alters the meaning of status quo..."
"And now... there's just one thing left for me to do in my plan."



◆ Event Rewards ◆
Chapter XXX released in v5.8! Open access available!
Participate in the Story event to earn 4★ event stigma Aponia: Perdition (T), Starry Impression Fragments, Crystals and more!

※ The above info is taken from the test server and is subject to change in the live version.







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