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Foe Recon Report | Flame-Chaser Aponia
Apr 18, 2022

Greetings, Captains! Welcome to the irregularly updated Foe Recon Report! Today, Ai-chan will be sharing about Flame-Chaser Aponia.

※※※※※ Flame-Chaser Aponia ※※※※※
"What has been said is true: everything humanity feared was brought by me and realized by me. For which, fate is not to blame. I know my sin, and my sin precedes me."

Second only to Elysia and Kevin, Aponia ranks 3rd among the Thirteen Flame-Chasers. Equipped with Discipline Signet, she is waiting at the Deep End for visitors.

• How to Unlock
In the Elysian Realm, visitors can enter Flame-Chasers' Trials Chapter 3, complete the stage Discipline, a Predestined Death, and play Sequence: Dangerous in Shallow Sequence or Deep Sequence on any difficulty to meet Flame-Chaser Aponia on the 17th Floor.

※※※※※Aponia Recon Report※※※※※
Ai-chan will list some of Aponia's key moves from the report to assist visitors in battle. 

• Normal Form
In battle, Aponia will use blue butterflies to attack mentally. Visitors must be cautious of Aponia's skill: Mind Your Manners, Please. After using the skill, Aponia will use butterflies to attack 4 times rapidly and project Deep End Memories. This attack will restrain and punish enemies.


Aside from targeted attacks, Aponia also knows AoE attacks. After using Mind Your Manners, Please, she will charge briefly and release butterflies around her. The blue butterflies will scatter their wing scales. When hit by this skill, visitors will be inflicted with Remorse.


When inflicted with Remorse, the Valkyrie will receive mental attacks from Aponia, messing up the order of the skill buttons. Staying calm is the key to victory!

• Changing Forms
After defeating Aponia's Normal Form, she will unleash the even more dangerous side of her. Aponia spreads her golden wings and develop 2 pairs of illusory hands in her second form. Aponia's eyes will also turn red, acting like a warning to others.


Combat is significantly harder against Aponia's new form. Aponia will be able to use more skills and guide sacred thunderbolts to smite visitors.

After using Judge Your Crimes, Aponia judges in mid-air and projects the Sin of her target. Sin will continuously deal psychological influence and inflict Remorse. Clear the Sin on the battlefield quickly to remove Remorse.


Purge Your Demon is also a skill that you must be wary of when fighting Aponia. After releashing this skill, Aponia gathers sacred thunderbolts and continuously deals AOE damage. Try to evade them!


Aponia can also unleash an assault attack, Inevitable Fate. After swift charging, Aponia rushes to her target, dealing damage to and paralyzing all targets in her way. Face this unpredictable attack with caution! 


That's all for the skill introduction of Flame-Chaser Aponia. Her powers are boundless, so visitors, please stay alert during your battle!